Satisfying prerequisites


Please install the packages in the order that specified here. Otherwise you may get into problems.

  1. You need a python interpreter installed (We recommend python 2.7.3) in order to get started. You can download the most recent version from
  2. We recommend users to install all-in-one GTK package. This package will install GTK+ run-time as well as Glib, pygtk and Cairo packages. You can download this from
  3. You also need to install numpy as well as matplotlib libraries for python. (for windows you can find binaries of these packages from


python is already installed in most recent Linux packages (We recommend Ubuntu 12.04).

You need to install Numpy and Matplotlib from Synaptics package manager or any other default package manager provided by your OS.


We have not tested this package on Mac. However, if you could install all prerequisites libraries properly we see no reason that it would not work.

Useful link for mac users to install pygtk:

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